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The world’s first portable and maintenance free odor eliminator, based on the UVphotocatalyst and inspired by NASA adoption of similar technology. VentiFreshis compact, no filers, and no masking chemicals, an eco-friendly odor eliminator that works wonder in reducing that strong odor from the cat litter boxes, as well as trash cans, gym lockers, refrigerators, shoe cabinets, and any small portable containers at home.

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Shipped directly from – Taiwan

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Inspired by NASA using similar technology in space, VentiFresh is an odor eliminator designed with a UV photocatalyst method to process small the air in small spaces – like rooms or closets at home. Built small, and using no chemicals that just mask smells, it works by breaking down odor molecules and yields fresh air, ideal for reducing smells in cat litter boxes, trash cans, gym lockers, refrigerators or shoe cabinets. With no filter and maintenance-free, a smart light sensor controls the device which is powered by a DC5V adaptor or power bank. Using built-in magnet and the included Mag Dot accessory, VentiFresh can be installed on metal or nonmetal surfaces within seconds.

Ventifresh Details

  • Material – Pc Alloy, Metal
  • Origin – Taiwan
  • Measurement – 2.48″L x 2″W x .5″H

— Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s
— Odor Eliminator
— Breaks Down Bad Smells, Does Not Mask Them
— No Chemicals Or Loud Filters
— Perfect For Small Spaces
— Magnetic Mounting
— USB Adapter Included