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If you’re looking for a watch that simply tells the time, then these unique timepieces are probably not for you. Tokyo Flash Watches designs wearable art with original, cutting-edge design as the main focus, and their varied products have been praised by designers from Apple, Puma, Google and many more.

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How drunk are you? Tokyo Flash Intoxicated features a built-in breathalyzer to tell you. The time and date are shown by bold digits in negative space (easy to read at a glance however intoxicated you are). Housed in a new light and comfortable ABS case with a silicone strap, Kisai Intoxicated is available in black or white. To test your blood alcohol content (BAC), open the sensor cap and press the alcohol button to start the test. Once the sensor has warmed up, blow for 5 seconds and wait for the watch to give an on screen reading—the display on the right of the screen shows 10 different levels of blood alcohol content. A green display showing 0.00‰ means you’re sober. A yellow display showing between 0.41 and 0.60‰ means you’re buzzing. A red display showing 0.61‰ or above means you are drunk. And it’s multi-colored, so it’s eye-catching, fun, and easy to use.

Tokyo Flash Intoxicated Details

  • Origin – JAPAN
  • Material- Aluminium
  • Measurements – 1.9″L x 1.6″W x 0.45″H

— Displays The Time And Date
— Binary Time
— Alarm Mode
— Unisex Design For Small & Large Wrists
— LCD “always On” Display
— Electroluminescent (EL) Backlight (For Night Time Only)
— Stainless Steel Case, & Clasp
— Adjustable Stainless Steel & Acetate Strap
— Minimum Wrist Size: 100 Mm (approx.)
— Maximum Wrist Size: 210 Mm (approx.)
— Case Dimensions: 35 Mm X 51 Mm X 11 Mm
— Weight: 100 Grams
— Water Resistance: 3atm
— Battery: Cr2025 Standard Replaceable Watch Battery
— English Instructions
— One Year Warranty