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Tobii EyeX is an eye tracker peripheral that brings eye tracking gaming functionality to every Windows-based laptop or PC. Tobii believes that the eye tracking technology will revolutionize the way we interact with our devices and will create a far more natural user experience in a number of contexts. The Tobii EyeX controller understand where the user is positioned and where he is looking. It also complements your existing ways of input, with keyboard and mouse.

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Tobii eyex tracker’s usage is mostly in PC-gaming, enabling users to use their eyes to control movement in video games that was not possible before. There are additional eye tracking feature set for windows that makes it possible to complete tasks using your eyes,  instead of mouse or keyboard. The Tobii eyex controller can also support facial recognition for Windows, providing the user with easy, password-free logins. If you would like to find out more about what video games that has tobii tracking, please visit their site.

Product Details
  • Origin – Sweden
  • Color – Black

About Tobii Eyex Tracker –

 – The Tobii EyeX Tracker understands where you are as a user of a computer. It complements your existing mode of input, like the mouse and keyboard.

 – The technology uses illuminators, cameras and complex algorithms. It connects via USB 3.0 magnetic mount that provides the eye tracking functionality to Windows desktops and notebook.

 – It’s usage is predominantly in PC-gaming, where users can use their eyes to control stuff in video games. There are other eye tracking features set for the Windows that makes it possible to do tasks with the help of your eyes, rather than with the use of mouse or keyboard. The Tobii eye tracker also supports facial recognition, providing customers with simpler, password-free logins.