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The Smart iReach™ is your fashionable, portable, wireless selfie stick for better smartphone photos.

Designed here in the United States by SmarTech Products LLC, the Smart iReach was created to solve frustrations with capturing ideal selfies, group selfies, photos and videos with your smartphone.

Features & Benefits:

  • Works with iOS and Android smartphones
  • No more timers! Simply push the shiny button when ready
  • Rapid shot capability for consecutive action photos: Never miss a moment
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber: only 5.6 ounces (lighter than any selfie stick on the market)
  • Unique bracket design holds your phone securely in place
  • Bracket folds up and compacts easily for portability (folds smaller than any selfie stick on the market)
  • No apps needed. Works right out of the box
  • No Assembly required: It’s an all-in-one foldable, compact device (easiest out of the box experience of any selfie stick)
  • Great for photos and video recording for any event: concerts, sports events, outings, with friends, traveling on vacation, parties, your next family gathering… (and let’s not forget those selfies!)
  • We are happy to say we are the only selfie stick designed to WORK WITH SNAPCHAT!


Why The Smart iReach?

The Smart iReach has been selling extremely successfully in the Selfie Stick market for 5 months.  We found that consumers often choose our quality over the cheap low quality competitors.  We started designing the Smart iReach in July, 2014.  We had the goal of creating a high-end, light weight, compact, Bluetooth selfie stick that you WOULD WANT to give as a gift.  It has real Bluetooth built-in and even works with SnapChat!

You can see from the photos, we spared no expense on the packaging.  You should be proud to give the Smart iReach to you daughter, cousin, friend nephew, boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone you really care about.  Our carbon fiber pole (golf club material) makes our selfie stick more compact and light-weight than any on the market.  It is even more durable and water-resistant than the rest of the options on the market.