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Photon Bone Conduction Glasses

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Experience New “Vibra” Speakers, best as bone conduction technology can get. They are bigger and closer to your ears. And the sound quality? Better than ever.

Expected delivery – in 1-2 weeks

Shipped directly from – U.S.

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Photon Bone Conduction Glasses transmits sound waves to the skull via vibrations. This lets you hear external sound when listening to music, and therefore much safer than earphones or headphones which completely block out sound from outside.

With some wearables, it’s fashion before function. That’s where it all began for us. Photon wanted to create a Wearable Device that you actually want to wear! Put them on. Walk around. Take a call or connect to your A.I. These wearable sunglasses offer the best of both worlds — convenience and connection — in a way that allows you to be present with your music as well as your surroundings. Wear the Beats in your life.

Bone Conduction Glasses Details

  • Colors – Black
  • Origin – U.S.

— Warranty: Manufacturer’s 1 Years
— Stand-by time: 100 hours
— Extra-Long Battery Life
— Adjustable Hook Design
— Customized Dynamic Sound Driver
— Waterproof Coating
— Built-In Microphone
— On-Ear Controls
— Charges To 100% In 2 Hour