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MYOVOLT™ is the worlds only wearable LVT technology for sports performance and therapy applications. MYOVOLT™ technology is a research-proven technology that can help your muscles recover faster, move easier, and perform better. It has been developed by leading experts who have a proven track record in delivering wearable electronics to some of the world’s best Olympic athletes.

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The award-winning MYOVOLT PRO KIT is wearable vibration technology that helps you move better and recover faster, by applying localized vibrations directly to muscle, soft tissue and joints. It effectively targets the vibrations by molding around the designated part of the body and allowing you complete freedom of movement during treatment, while you relax muscles and ligaments, and warm down tired muscles to prevent soreness. You can also use it as a pre-workout warmup to increase blood flow and circulation, reducing your risk of injury.

Myovolt Pro Kit Details

  • Origin – U.S.
  • Material- Plastic

— Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s
— Soft Flexible Wearable Vibration Therapy Module
— Relieves Muscle/joint Soreness And Stiffness
— Increases Flexibility And Range Of Motion
— Warm-Up Muscles, Increase Circulation
— Internal Li-Po Battery Runs Up To 150 Minute Treatment
— 3 Pre-Programmed Treatment Modes
— Recharge By USB In Approx. 1 Hour

— MYOVOLT™ PRO Module Multi-Fit Wrap
— Cold Therapy Module
— USB Charge Cable
— User Manual
— Carrying Bag