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Mstick is multi-functional smart LED stick light operated with modular app. Controlled from featured modular application, Mstick operates various functional lights. The user can choose categories from ready to use and settings and customize the light depending on their situation.

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Mstick Mint is like a glowstick. That is, if a glowstick was made with 16 long-lasting, extra bright LEDs – and could light up a whole room, pulse in time with your music, show you an animated weather forecast, work as a timer, stopwatch and alarm clark, or create custom messages you can wave in the air, in any color you choose – all controlled from a smartphone app with a gorgeous, streamlined interface. It even works with your smart watch!

Mountable on bikes, walls, or cameras, and with a leather strap so you don’t drop it, there’s nowhere Mstick can’t go. Set the mood with an animated, colorful light show, take a photo with perfect lighting, restart the cooking timer just by shaking it, or write your own message – including emojis – and wave it back and forth to create a majorly upgraded version of writing your name in the air with a sparkler. Or hang one up next to your door, and use the clever, illuminated animation to check the weather at a glance – like descending blue LEDs for rain – and never get caught unawares.

Durable, USB-rechargeable and fully customizable, Mstick is a simple tool with absolutely no limits it its applications. Whether you have one or five, you’ll beautifully simplify your life.

Mstick Mint Adjust Details

  • Origin – South korea
  • Color – Mint
  • Measurements – 6.3″L x 1″W x 0.7″H

— Warranty: 1 Year
— Controlled From Featured Modular App Even On Smart Watch
— Bike Mount Sold Separately
— Durable For Outdoor, Active Use
— 32-Bit ARM® Cortex™ M4 32-bit CPU
— 16 RGB LEDs // 120 Lumens
— Micro 5pin USB Charging Port
— Uses Bluetooth 4.1 2.4Ghz
— 1800 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery (Lasts Between 3 Hours + 7 Days Depending On Mode/Brightness Settings)
— Full Support For iOS 8 And Up, Android OS 5.0 And Up On iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, Nexus 5 And Up

— Lamp
— Flashlight
— Alarm Clock
— Camera Light
— Bike Light
— Fitness Stopwatch
— Cooking Timer
— Sound Visualizer
— Air Display Message Maker
— Animated Weather Forecast
— Camera Mount, Wrist Strap, + Magnetic Back W/ Optional Iron Plate For Placement Anywhere
— And More!