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Imagine having your smartphone in a mirror, and you’re able to read the news, check your schedule and social media, all while getting ready each morning.

Expected delivery – in 2-3 weeks

Shipped directly from – Singapore

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FRED Mirror is the bathroom mirror that’s returned from the future to WOW us all. It lights up, it doesn’t fog, it plays music, it purifies the air, and it displays real-time internet info right on the glass. It even senses your presence, and knows when to turn on or off.

It’s connected to the internet, so you can hear music in the shower through the dual built-in speakers, or literally watch videos or the morning news on it while getting ready – in full 1080P HD. Autonomous and super user friendly, MIRROR doesn’t even require connection to your smartphone to operate.

Aesthetically, MIRROR features humidity sensors that never let it get misty, and a sleek aluminum frame that adds a little “oomph.” It’s also equipped with technology that purifies and deodorizes the surrounding air to protect the mirror from damage, and freshen up your bathroom.

It’s also compatible with lifestyle devices like NEST, iKettle, SkinScopy and more, so you can personalize your routines and manage your smart home devices. Just activate it with one touch.

Fred Mirror Details

  • Material – Metal, Glass, Aluminum
  • Measurement – 31.5″L x 19.7″W x 0.7″H
  • Origin – Singapore
  • Colors – Champagne Gold

— OS: Android 5.0
— Screen: 15.6″ – 1920 x 1080px
— Multimedia Ready: MP4, MP3, H.264 etc.
— Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, USB ready
— Weight: 9kg