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Well it’s perfectly natural to wake up periodically through the night, however when falling back again to asleep becomes an issue,|you sometimes need an extra push to make you relax. Which explains why the Dodow Sleeping Lamp was created. It re-balances your autonomic nervous system, and breaks the vicious circle of anxiety and stress that keeps you awake.

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Dodow is designed in France, this small lamp projects a relaxing pattern of blue light on your ceiling, that can help you focus your mind and fix your breathing, creating a hypnotic effect to help ease your body back to a drowsy condition. Inhale when the light extends and exhale when it shrinks, It’ll synchronize your breathing as well as your nervous system and naturally help you fall asleep. The light steadily takes you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute, and it automatically shuts off after 8 minutes, therefore the light won’t bother you, or use battery once you fall asleep again.

With time, your body will train to it automatically by engaging in the breathing exercise, and will disengage your mind when you’re having problem sleeping, even without using the light and will eventually create healthier sleep cycle.

Dodow Sleeping Lamp Product Details

  • Origin – Malaysia
  • Material – Plastic
  • Color – White
  • Measurement – 3.14″L x 3.14″W x 0.79″H
— Slowly Regulates  Your Breathing To Assist With Insomnia
— Automatically Shut-Off After 8 Minutes
— Projects Animated Blue Light