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Introducing the CliniCloud Medical Kit. Thanks to it now you can accurately and carefully monitor every fever, cold, cough, wheeze, or chill in your home with the no-contact thermometer and the digital stethoscope. It works with the intuitive CliniCloud smartphone app

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The CliniCloud medical kit has a thermometer that takes temperature readings quickly and accurately without touching your skin , this way you can get data quickly, and hygienically, even without waking up a sleeping child.

The CliniCloud Stethoscope is the first stethoscope, designed particularly for home use. It records high fidelity audio so that you can monitor any suspicious wheeze, cough, or respiratory concern and it is even cable of sending out recordings to a specialist for immediate evaluation.

The CliniCloud App saves all of your  data recordings securely so you never forget a thing. You can create individual profiles for every family member and save their history. It is also very easy to share the info stored on the application with your medical professional, for simple or full checkup.

CliniCloud Medical Kit Product Details

  • Origin – Hong Kong
  • Color – Blue, Silver
  • Material – Plastic, Aluminum

— Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s
— Use With Companion App

— 1 Stethoscope
— 1 Digital Thermometer
— Carrying Case

— ClinicCloud Is Intended To Monitor Low-Grade Symptoms, And Is Not The Perfect Tool For Official Diagnosis Or Treatment, Especially For Serious Or Chronic Illnesses. Always Consult A Doctor If You Have Concerns,