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CaptoGlove is a wireless wearable for video games, virtual reality and smart devices that transforms intuitive human hand movements into digital outputs or control commands.

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Shipped directly from – U.S

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Become a part of your games with the CaptoGlove Wearable Gaming Controller. Compatible with everything from virtual reality to your PC, this glove lets you take control instantly. Right out of the box, it syncs to your games. Bringing you to the next generation of gaming, the gloves enable you to point weapons, drive vehicles, and even produce 3D CAD modules. Incredibly, the gloves does all of this with impeccable precision. Because it has sensors in each of the fingers, the CaptoGlove can determine the position of your entire hand. The glove itself also works with capacitive screens to streamline the way you play. In addition, the gloves use Bluetooth LE and a powerful battery for up to ten hours of use. With no hardware or software required, the CaptoGlove is instantly game ready.

Captoglove Details

  • Color – Black
  • Origin – U.S.