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Adam Elements GoHealthy BF1 Body Fat Analyzer will analyze and measure body weight, fat percentage, body water, muscle and bone mass.
ŸBacklit LCD and smart data sync via Bluetooth 4.0. Unlimited profiles and readings on the free GoHealthy App.

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Besides offering accurate weight readings, this Body Fat Analyzer analyzes your body’s BMI, body fat, muscle and bone mass, body water, and BMR. By conveniently having these health insights to hand, it’s easier to take control of your goals for the road ahead — especially when you know what they are. Everyone’s concerns are different. With GoHealthy BF1 you can have realtime access to what matters to you. Integrating with its GoHealthy app and Apple Health, it simplifies the steps for everyone in managing their health. And with support for multiple users, you can trend your own health and those who matter to you as well – family members and even teammates.

You don’t have to make any effort for BF1 to work. There is no complicated interface to navigate, and there are no buttons to push. Just simply step on. The only thing you’ll have to push is yourself. And with the right health insights now to hand, that’ll now be easier than ever before. After you step on, BF1 will perform a BIA test to analyze your body composition. Through its sleek tempered glass, BF1 measures resistance to a signal traveling through water in your body muscle and fat. Although technically advanced, BF1 doesn’t require technical expertise. Your stats will appear automatically in the GoHealthy app on your smartphone, where there’ll be stored for longterm trends. It’s technology that works for you, leaving you to concentrate better on your goals.

BF1 Body Fat Analyzer Details

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Ito Conductive Glass
  • Measurement – 12.5″L x 1″W x 12.5″H

— Analyzes/Measures Body Weight, Fat Percentage, Body Water, Muscle And Bone Mass
— LCD Backlight
— Smart Data Synchronization Via Bluetooth 4.0″
— Able To Send Analysis Data To Others (With Confirmation By User)
— Warranty: 1 Year