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ARC-NRG PushUp – a revolutionary way to Increase Strength, Build Muscle and Burn Fat. Accelerate your results whether you’re an exercise newbie or fitness enthusiast.

The ARC-NRG PushUp brings selectable resistance to the classic pushup, allowing you to set the amount of your body weight acting as the resistance.

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The ARC-NRG PushUp is expressly designed to help you build muscle, burn fat, and increase strength. Inspired by the classic, all-time great compound exercise, the ARC-NRG PushUp accelerates your fitness results by hitting more than 5 muscle groups with one powerful action. The truly unique arc-shaped design and the unique ability to scale the level of resistance, makes the ARC-NRG PushUp the first of its kind.

Like nothing else on the market, the ARC-NRG PushUp lets you adjust the amount of your body weight acting as the resistance. By selecting a suitable level of exertion for your current condition, you can harness the awesome benefits from a push up, while you work your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and even your core. And because the arc shape forces you to maintain perfect form, you’ll also engage your lower body muscles and reduce your risk of injury or overexertion, especially if you are new to fitness. No fancy hydraulics or resistance bands required – simply select the desired amount of your own weight to push, and increase the resistance in small increments as you build strength.

Along with your ARC-NRG PushUp, you’ll also get the ARC-NRG Sliders, which allow for easy repositioning of your hands as you switch between push up variations, or to facilitate hard core moves like Chest Flys and Body Saw into your routine.

If you struggle to do full push ups and maintain your form, are recovering from injury, or have otherwise limited mobility, the ARC-NRG PushUp will help you target the muscles you want to, without modifying your moves.


Arc-Nrg Product Details

  • Measurements – 62.5″L x 16″W x 9″H
  • Color – Black, Red, Gray
  • Material- ABS, Eva, Aluminium

— Warranty: 1 Year
— Features Adjustable Footrest + 2-Part Adjustable Chest Support
— Chest Supports Doubles As A Seat For Decline Sit-Up Moves
— Pivot Barrel Can Be Positioned At Various Points Along The Center Rail
— Included Sliders Offer Grip + Smooth Action
— Targets 5+ Muscle Groups