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Battery Base for Amazon Echo

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DOX is a portable battery for the Amazon Echo Dot 2, designed to provide rechargeable, cord-free mobility at home or on-the-go. With up to 10 hours* of cordless use, you can unplug and take Alexa anywhere you choose without the hassle of cables and outlets.

Expected delivery – in 1-2 weeks

Shipped directly from – Hong Kong

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Enjoy your speaker system around the house with the DOX Portable Amazon Battery Base. Giving you the freedom to cut the cord, this battery is specifically designed for the Amazon speaker. Inside is a battery that will give you an additional ten hours of use. With this, you can move your Echo around your house as you need and access Alexa anywhere you are. Unlike the traditional Echo design, the device is no longer confined. Featuring anti-stain fabric, the DOX comes in two color combinations. You have the choice of either Ash/Gray or Black/Carbon. Both options fit in seamlessly with any interior décor. Plus, it’s also easily rechargeable with the Echo Dot cable you already have.

Amazon Battery Base Details

  • Origin – Hong Kong
  • Materials – ABS
  • Colors – Black

— Convenient charging Dock
— Up to 10 hours of portable run time
— Great design with anti-stain fabric
— Use the Amazon power supply and cable