Dino pet – Your Living Interactive Bioluminescent Pet That Comes Alive During Night.

Have you imagined having your own living dinosaur, but just haven’t had the opportunity to get the space or time (or dinosaur)? Don’t be anxious, your dreams are going to become a reality. Meet BioPop’s Dino Family pet, the glow-in-the-dark, living dino for adventurers of most ages. Theoretically, Dino Family pet isn’t actually alive. But it actually comes with dinoflagellates and – with a small amount of light, food and a playful tremble – you as well as your kids will keep Dino Pet alive and happy.



BioPop wanted to build a sustainable light, so they started experimenting with dinoflagellates, which are bioluminescent plankton. They discovered that these plankton can live easily inside a pot, nonetheless they require too much activity to be a day to day light.

Now the light-producing pet is possible and you could finally order one of your own, er, I mean, one for your child. And if using a pet dinosaur wasn’t enough, you can use the Dino Pet to help train kids about responsibility – since a dim dino is an unfortunate dino – while providing fun and sustainable entertainment at the same time.

How Dino pet works?

It might be shaped such as a cartoonish Apatosaurus, however the original creativity for the Dino Pet’s name originates from the dinoflagellates it includes. Specifically, this interactive toy gets its shine from the Pyrocystis fusiformis types of sea algae, which when shaken emit a blue light for a short while. A container of algae may appear to be a strange pet, however the designers have observed that the dinoflagellates are specially suitable for children, because they’re easy to deal with, non-toxic, and can even shine brighter to point when they’re being properly looked after.

To create its living nighttime light, Biopop first developed a way for growing about 300 litres of dinoflagellates every year. The business used a polyethylene-based clear plastic for the pot, that was found to produce the sharpest glowing result. Each Dino Pet has a volume of about 500 ml (17 oz), which can hold a mixture of dinoflagellates, salt water, and nutrients. The designers have made 3D-printed prototypes that are mainly enclosed, but the final version of the container will have a non-leaking port for adding nutrients or refilling it with more algae.

Caring for the Dino Pet is simple enough for a kid to control while studying bioluminescence along the way. Leave dinoflagellates in an area with a low-watt bulb or indirect sun rays for approximately 10-12 time and maintain at a heat range between 18 to 24° C. They often have a life expectancy of just 1 to 90 days, with light. But this is extended indefinitely with the addition of nutrition (or Dino Food) to the pot and regularly changing water.

No batteries, no switches, no power cords… The Dino pet is a toy that’s actually alive. It will not walk or talk, but it’s filled up with living bioluminescent algae, that let it glow at night.

You can now buy a Dino pet for you on Technojar.